Camford Public School shaping your wards into successful, responsible and benign human beings, tempering them with altruism, living them into geniuses in the literacy and co-curricular fields in our forte. “Service before We self’ is the motto which we include in them. students to be open to growth, intelectually competent, loving and committed to faith and justice. We make them realize personal growth, dignity and self respect and teach them to respect the dignity and right of others. They are consolidated with a deep sense of personal and corporate responsibility towards fellow beings, family, society, nation and the world.


As per the revised C.B.S.E. directive, the school session is from April to March and is divided in to two terms

  • 1st Term- April- September
  • 2nd Term- October- March


The school has five working days a week, i.e. from Monday to Friday, Normally two Saturdays are open for Activity/Remedial/Cover up classes.


GIRLS : Maroon, Black Check Shirt, Black Skirt (till class VIII) & Black Salwar, Black Dupatta, Maroon-Black Check Kurta (For class IX & X). Black shoes, Black Socks with white stripes Maroon Blazer with School Monogram, Black legging in winter.

BOYS: Maroon Black Check Shirt, Black Trousers/Shorts, Black Shoes, Black Socks with White Stripes, Maroon Blaser.


GIRLS: White T. Shirt, White Trouser, White P.T. Shoe, White Socks with Black Strips.

BOYS : White T. Shirt, White Shorts / Trouser, White P.T. Shoes, White Socks with Black Strips